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Archery Range

LCSA offers two different archery shooting options for its members. The archery range is open to members only. It is available from sunrise to sunset and includes a split-level archery stand with stationary targets. LCSA also has a new 3-D archery trail located along the .22 rimfire trail with 22 targets that are periodically changed to make the course more challenging.


Archery Range

75 Yard Archery Range with Elevated Shooting Platform and stationary 3-D targets to simulate tree stand hunts.

Free to Members Only
Not available for Non-Members


3-D Archery Trail

There are 22 targets marked with blue red and white flags for shooting positions. Please shoot at the target in line with the set of flags. Course will be changed up periodically. Rules are posted at the beginning of the trail.


$5 fee to be place in container at the start of the trail.

3-D Archery Trail
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