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Handgun and Rifle Instructors 

The following is a list of members who are handgun and rifle instructors. These instructors have been carefully vetted by the Board of Directors, are certified and insured. LCSA, however, is NOT affiliated with these instructors. LCSA provides this list for your information only so that members may learn new and improve upon their shooting skills. 

Pete Cosky

Pete Cosky 

Phone: 724-312-2262


Instructor Certifications

  • NRA Basic Pistol

  • NRA Defense in The Home

  • ​Refuse to be a Victim

Offering individual instruction in the following shooting disciplines:

  • Pistol Safety and Technique

  • Defense in the Home


Mr. Cosky offers handgun instruction to people looking for actual hands-on instruction in handgun safety and shooting technique in a no stress environment. He has 40 years of firearms experience and has been a competitive shooter on and off since age 11. ​

Mark LoDico

Mark LoDico 

Instructor Certifications

  • Defense Training International

  • Senior Instructor

  • NRA Instructor

Offering individual instruction in the following shooting disciplines:

  • Basic to Advanced Fighting Pistol

  • Basic to Advanced Fighting Carbine

  • Fighting Shotgun

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care


Dr LoDico has 20 plus years’ experience as a defensive firearm instructor. His classes provide a student readiness for attack survival.

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