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LCSA Membership

Join Western Pennsylvania’s Finest Shooting Sports Club!

LCSA offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy all aspects of shooting sports. Whether you are a beginner, novice, expert shot, or just curious about the sport and not sure how to get involved, this is your invitation to come join us.

Step 1

Download Membership Application

Step 2

Mail or Drop Off Membership Application

Mail or drop off your completed LCSA Membership Application two weeks prior to the General Membership meeting. General Membership meeting are held the third Tuesday of every month at the LCSA clubhouse.

  • New members will  NOT be accepted during the month of January.

  • No applications will be accepted or taken into consideration later than two weeks before the General Membership meeting.

  • Do NOT send money with your application. Money will be collected at the General Membership meeting. 

  • If mailing the application, it must be RECEIVED at the club house by the first Tuesday of the month.

Mail your application to:

P.O. Box 8955
New Castle, PA 16107

Step 3

Attend General Membership Meeting

New applicants must attend the General Membership meeting (held the third Tuesday of the month @ the LCSA clubhouse) to be accepted into the club with Board approval. All new member applicants must show up at the clubhouse at 6:00 pm before the general membership meeting.

  • An initiation fee of $100 plus the club membership fee of $125 or appropriate pro-rated amount will be collected at that meeting.

  • During this time new members will receive rifle range, lower pistol range  and new member orientations.

  • 5-Stand, Wobble Trap, Skeet and Trap and Indoor Range training and orientation will be the Sunday immediately following this meeting.

  • Applicants must attend a General Membership meeting within three months of applying.

  • Junior membership fee is $5 per year, no initiation fee

    Juniors must follow the same application procedure as adult members described above. Upon month of 18th birthday, juniors may join as adult members at $125 with no initiation fee if membership is current. (NEW) Juniors becoming adult members must go through all the club orientations.

    Additional Membership Information
    LCSA Grounds
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