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Indoor Pistol Range

LCSA Pistol Ranges consist of the Indoor Range, the Upper Pistol Bays behind the indoor range building and the Lower Pistol Bay to the right of the Rifle Range. For everyone's safety, we ask that you adhere to the Rules and Regulations posted at the range.

Action Pistol

Action Pistol


United States Practical Shooting Association


  • Registration and safe area in Indoor Range 

  • Squadding begins at 8:30  and 11:30-ish

  • We are now squadding so please arrive at the  indicated times.  

  • Shooting begins at 9

  • $20 for first gun, $10 for second.


Matches will be five stages plus classifier.
Set up on Friday. 
​Teardown immediately after second relay. 

​Follow our Facebook page for match information and cancellations Pistol Bays at LCSA
Copy/paste the website for Rules and Regulations​
​or contact
Ray Donch 
Call 412-425-6677 and leave a message or text

Scores can be seen at:


Steel Challenge

2020 schedule is the third Saturday of the month
please see Facebook page for information
Pistol Bays at LCSA

Copy/paste the website for rules and regulations

Squadding begins at 8:30 Shooting begins at 9
Any late arrivals will have to wait until the second relay at approximately 11:30-12
Fees:  Shoot $15    Reshoot $5   Juniors $5​

Wade Shaner at 412-605-9697 or email:

Steel Challenge/Open Practice Night
$5 per shooter benefits the Jr Team - To be determined

***After some inquiring, we are unfortunately having to place a hold on the Tuesday night Steel Challenge- Open Practice Night until further notice. As soon as, any updates are made a future email will be sent out to notify members.***

Scores can be found at:


IDPA 2023

International Defensive Pistol Association 

IDPA will hold a pistol match the 1st Sunday of every month from April through November in 2023. Match dates and times are as follows:

4/2/2023             8:00 AM           10:00 AM
5/7/2023             8:00 AM           10:00 AM


Rust Belt Regional Championship
6/3 - 6/4/2023 (See for further details)

7/2/2023             8:00 AM           10:00 AM
8/6/2023             8:00 AM           10:00 AM
9/3/2023             8:00 AM           10:00 AM
10/8/2023           8:00 AM           10:00 AM
11/5/2023           9:00 AM           11:00 AM

  1. ​Sign in for these matches will be 1 hour prior to start time.

  2. SO walk through will be 15 minutes prior to start time.

  3. New shooter briefing will be 30 minutes prior to start time.

Registration for IDPA matches held at LCSA can be done on on Practiscore.


Be advised that IWB appendix carry holsters are not allowed in IDPA competition at our range.

Those willing to volunteer for stage setup and breakdown please contact:
(302) 396-0591
Match Director 

Indoor Pistol Range

Indoor Range Pistol Range

This heated indoor range is a MEMBERS ONLY area of the club and is accessible to members 24 hours a day. Must have orientation to use range.


View Indoor Range Rules (PDF)

View Indoor Pistol Orientation


$20 card activation fee
$5 per day per member
Members only 

Pistol Bays

Upper and Lower Pistol Bays

LCSA Pistol Ranges consist of the Indoor Range, the Upper Pistol Bays behind the indoor range building and the Lower Pistol Bay to the right of the Rifle Range. USPSA, Steel Challenge, IDPA and occasional practice nights include and additional fee.


View Pistol Range Rules (PDF)

View Upper Pistol Bays Orientation Video

Steel Traget Course

Steel Target Courses

LCSA offers three unique steel target courses; a .22 rimfire course for both pistol and rifles and a centerfire pistol course.

High Power Pistol

  • 25 Hanging Silhouette Targets

  •  5 Stations 

  •  Full Metal Jackets Prohibited

Cost: $1.00 Member or Non-Member

.22 Ranges

  •  25 Target Pistol Course

  •  50 Target Rifle Course

All Hanging Silhouettes
        .22 cal. long, long rifle and short Only
Cost: $1.00 Member or Non-Member

Steel Target Courses
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